See Virtual Blackboard Pro and Virtual Blackboard (Free) in Google Play Store.

 Now you can have a look product screen shots of Windows OS based Virtual Blackboard.

There are many more features for professionals, teachers, parents, students as well as novice. For more information you can contact us.

Traditional Blackboards – obsolete.

Why because we can't save money, time, knowledge and environment using traditional blackboard.

It is not saving money. It requires writing materials every day. Even you require human resource and other management resources to purchase the writing materials. It is really botheration for getting these materials everyday when we start teaching.

Whatever we write on it can't be saved. So that it can't be reused in future, it is also not searchable so can't improve upon your last teaching and add value to it next time. Using writing materials like CHALK, DUSTER etc, makes the classroom dirty and dusty.

Use Virtual Blackboard tool and keep your class clean and eco-friendly.
No need of writing materials and no need of so much effort to write on the traditional blackboard.

In Virtual Blackboard all the above problems are addressed and many more features are there as per the requirement of day to day life for all types of users including organizations. Even it has many more useful features and low cost as compared to white board or smart board.