In today's busy schedule, parents hardly get time to personally visit the organization and have a closer look to their ward's performance. The web facility of Virtual Blackboard Pro will help the parents to view all the information of their ward related to class and school, sitting at home.

Now parents are free from tension of teaching to their children because Virtual Blackboard saves time and effort to teach same thing again and again. They can capture their teaching to facilitate their children to see it repeatedly till they understand completely. OR Students can see all teaching videos online through internet if Organization has installed Virtual Blackboard Pro and giving rights.


Children can express their innate talents through writing, drawing and painting, for which they need sufficient drawing and writing materials. They lose interest and their creativity and potential can't find proper expression if they don't get these materials. As they are very much fond of coloring, this is the best tool for them to express their creative talents in the beginning stage of study. Consequently, they will be very much interested in their educational subjects.

No need go tuition classes. They can collect captured lessons of the Virtual Blackboard from school and replay it so that they will feel that they are getting same class teaching in their home again.



Now teacher can have the ultimate teaching tool which is alternative for any other smart board. It is available at a very low cost, which should be used by teacher in home or in school to make digital lessons without giving many efforts and reply it in the classroom. It captures their teaching including drawing and writing with voice-over, which will be helpful for the child who is unable to understand a specific portion or complete lesson in the class.

It will change the mind to use CMS tool because it so easy and time saving. It is really required for every classroom of educational institute. Teacher doesn’t have to make class note or video tutorials of the lessons.


It will make most of the activities in the organization easily manageable.

  • Time and money of the organization will be saved.
  • It will contribute to financial benefits.
  • Perform online exam and view exam results
  • Through the effective and advanced technology based teaching tools, equal transfer of knowledge is imparted from a teacher to each and every student.
  • Students will show interest in learning and be able to memorize many concepts through audio-visual teaching.
  • Students will be allured to get admission in such organization since it will give the better result as compared to other schools which cannot provide such integrated feature-based learning and management system.
  • Communication between staff to staff in the school and student related activities becomes faster.


With highly innovative technological integrated tools, an organization can get the following advantages from our product.

  • Less paper work and time saving
  • Commercial benefits to Organization
  • Operated with less human resource and less effort
  • Automatic classroom teaching video available
  • Automatic attendance of staff and students
  • Automatic assignment available to students
  • Timetable and syllabus info online
  • Make and edit high quality audio visual lessons
  • Provide teaching progress information
  • Online practice exam facility
  • No need of private tuition for students
  • Improve competitive mind of students
  • Create brilliant students
  • Role based rights to access their modules
  • Centralized data storage for auto backup
  • Easy to deploy and operate



Product Users

This system will make all the classroom tasks easily manageable through our tools. As it saves time for the staff of the organization, they can utilize their time in teaching and other productive activities. Even the organization can save money using our system and manage everything in the best manner with less human resource. The following organizations will be greatly benefited from our product.

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • IITs and Engineering Colleges
  • Medical colleges
  • Management Institutes
  • Vocational Institutions
  • Private training Institutes
  • Distance Education Institutes
  • Non-formal education (Literacy Programs)
  • Other organizations which provide training to their employees


For Educational Institutes

It is an ultimate solution which is helpful in digitizing our class teachings. It is difficult to follow other’s tutorials and teach in the class as one can do better with his/her own prepared materials with own understanding. Teachers can make their own digital course contents of all class subjects very easily without wasting much time and without using special hardware like video camera and other accessories. Students can be benefited more from the digitized lessons and they need not go to their tuition classes because they can replay the Virtual Blackboard captured teaching lessons whenever they need. Parents will also be happy since they don’t have to engage themselves in reading the lessons and explaining the lessons to their children. They will not have to refer to the printed books anymore because they will get everything from digital lessons.

Some tutorials available in the market are only for 1 to 2 hours while some others are completely static videos.All the contents of a particular subject are not covered in such a limited duration.Do you think that students can convert these video materials into their own personal note form? Certainly not. It is totally impossible because they learn the subject for the first time and they will need the subject taught not only through video but through multiple media. Students can get adequate exposure through this interactive Virtual Blackboard because it helps to make multimedia lessons easily and effectively with textual, visual, voice-over audio, drawing etc.Without giving so much effort, teachers can teach their lessons and capture them through this tool as they do through traditional blackboard.In future the captured lessons can be edited and new contents can be appended.

This is the best tool to make virtual classroom/digital classroom/smart classroom. Just capture your lessons and schedule them so that it will save your manpower. Teachers don’t have to repeat the same lessons in different classrooms. They will just replay the Virtual Blackboard captured video. It can be used for distance education.