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Today you can see number of trees disappearing around you and imagine how much depletion of trees occurs in our planet! One of the reasons for cutting trees is making paper, which is used in large quantity throughout the globe. Minimum 25% of people in every family use paper. Thus worldwide more than 300 million metric tons of paper are produced every year.

Now you have the scope of writing without paper. When we use less paper, subsequently trees will be saved and consequently environment will be pollution free. It's high time now, before we forget the color green and see an arid planet, we stop the destruction and save it from global warming. Let's join together and save the world.

Virtual Blackboard is a unique and innovative educational-cum-presentation tool with new functionalities which have never been covered before. It is a blending of writing, presentation and drawing tools. It is conceived to help the users in their presentation for better explanation on the screen. It is useful for professionals, teachers, parents, students as well as novice.

How this tool is strengthening the knowledge?

A child's brain is blank, when he/she is born. Their brains are not equipped with any kind of previous knowledge. So when a teacher teaches any subject and gives any content knowledge once, it is not possible for any child to receive and remember it in totality. The knowledge can be consolidated in their brain if they study more number of times. For this a teacher has to teach or explain the subject contents number of times in order to induce the knowledge in the child's brain. For this purpose our tool comes to teachers help. Whatever the teacher teaches once, it will be saved through our tool for future reference of the student. In this manner the parents can also use this tool to teach their children at home which can be referred by the children as many times as they want. Even they can track the study time and duration of their children.

For the professionals, this tool is very much useful to publish their tutorials without using video camera and going to studio for editing the video contents. They can do it at themselves without incurring any expenses.

Cost effective and eco-friendly

Clean & Modern Design

This product saves 90% of expenditure in using paper, color and writing accessories. It involves paperless management creating an eco-friendly atmosphere. This tool ensures utter satisfaction in users in their teaching and learning process. It is also used in day to day life at home and office.

Unique and innovative

What we do?

This tool is a substitute for traditional Blackboard or digital Smartboard. Whatever is taught and drawn using virtual blackboard in the class is saved automatically for future reference. It can even be replayed step by step as it was drawn on the virtual blackboard in the class while teaching and can be modified as and when required.

Useful to all kinds of users

What Is This?

The files recorded from this tool are very small in size as compared to any video format. As a result, it can be viewed through internet in very low bandwidth. Even you can listen to the audio in any mp3 player device.